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Thread: Demon's Souls

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    Demon's Souls
    Anyone else here play the game for PS3. I just got it over the weekend, its been a game I had been wanting for awhile and finally decided to get it. I just barley defeated the like 200 ft Knight like the 2nd level on the first archstone or whatever they are called hahaha.

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    Me and my boyfriend just got it, I was pretty sceptic in the beginning, but it surely stood up to my standards, and more.
    I'm not a gamer, I prefer to watch people play. I tried it, and died alot, so I force him to play instead.
    Beautiful game, some problems with the camera ("No, I don't want to see the pillar, I want to see my character and the big monster that will squish me in one hit that's just in front of me"), and very hard. But well, the thing with the game is the difficulty, and the fact that they *expect* you to die.
    A lot.

    We've killed the first boss in world one, first and second in world two

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