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    Lightbulb New Notebook!
    I was in the market for a new small powerful notebook. I looked at the big players, and names like ASUS and others that the typical masses don't even know exist. I visited stores to look at models firsthand and of course read reviews and other information I could gather through various web sites.

    I'm in IT and have a couple of professional decades under my belt with Solaris, Linux, xBSD, Windows and Mac. Each OS has a purpose in life so one size doesn't fit all. My requirements were simple:

    1 - quad-core i7 CPU
    2 - 1GB GPU
    3 - 8GB RAM
    4 - 500GB 7200 RPM HDD
    5 - 14" or 15" screen
    6 - 802.11n that operates in the 5GHz band

    First up Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch: Configure - Apple Store (U.S.)

    Configured as best I could with only hardware changes

    Price: $2,749 (two seven four nine) with free shipping
    1 - No quad-core available
    2 - GPU only 512MB

    Next up HP ENVY 14 series: HP ENVY 14 series | HP Official Store

    Configured with OS and hardware changes

    Price: $1,710 (one seven one zero) with free shipping
    Changed OS to Windows 7 Pro-64bit
    1 - i7-720QM
    5 - Sized right in the middle

    I ended up ordering the Envy 14 due to it meeting my requirements and it helped that I paid $1,039 (one zero three nine) less for a more capable machine. Now what's that about being overpriced?

    I'm not here to bicker; I'm just stating obvious facts. I'm not a troll as the first ones to reply to this will begin to say such just because I had a valid differing reply.

    Users in my household don't care about how things work as long as they have system availability and access to Internet content. This probably applies to the majority of people out there. We have never had any malware incidents and this includes 2 to 4 your olds. It all boils down to knowing what you're doing on whatever system you're using and simple user education.

    Unix systems don't need virus authors because most everything needed to compromise the systems are already built into the OS. The sad thing is that many *nix flavors out there are so pwned that they don't even know it! Security through obscurity will only last so long.

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    I'm not here to bicker; I'm just stating obvious facts. I'm not a troll as the first ones to reply to this will begin to say such just because I had a valid differing reply.
    And so then, why are you posting here? We are all well aware of the price differences between PCs and the Mac. Believe me, it's been debated to death, even on the "Tom's Hardware" site.

    Enjoy your new HP. If you have anything positive to contribute to this forum you certainly are welcome to participate.


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