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    Thumbs up Apple,You gotta love them and why, thread
    I have been an Apple guy since computers started (never have used PC)
    Last computer I bought was the 24"imac .1TB harddrive all the upgrade tools
    Turns out I have had problems with it (I have other Apple comps and toys but never a problem)
    Well...turns out this situation I have now is the final straw, even the Geniuses can not figure out(strange lines and pixel distortion) even after replacing the display . They "have never seen anything like it".
    Really weird looking, they say or think it is hardware related
    Well turns out a brand spanking new 27"iMac is on its way (How sweet is that) even though the computer still functions they are replacing it
    Don't get me wrong Apple has always been there whenever I had problems(no matter how trivial or big) the genius bar can not be beat! I never expected to be getting a replacement..
    besides being an AWESOME MACHINE
    APPLE(THE COMPANY) Rocks! What's not to love!
    So.........Why are you lovin apple?
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    I dislike parts of the company... how they are so very closed source and all the typical stuff there... but when you are under warranty they really do take care of you.

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    For me its emotional.

    I have owned and used both, and daily use both Macs and PCs at work. I just feel more comfortable on the Mac, it's the computing equivalent of a comfortable sofa, most of the time you take it for granted, until you sit on an old uncomfortable seat.

    And. I saw my first iPad yesterday, (a supplier had one), and the whole department were gathered round like children looking at a little kitten. It seems only Apple at the moment can produce such technology that brings out an almost purely emotional response.

    THere is also a guy at work who now has a Hackintosh (I know that IS illegal and don't support breaking the law), but he has found how utterly superior OSX is. Good thing is, with him owning an iPhoneas well, his next portable will be a real Mac - so at least the experience has encouraged him to switch legitimately.
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    "For me its emotional."

    I guess I can say that. While on the phone with Apple I couldn't believe what I was hearing, near put a tear in my eye & the smile on my face was big enough to touch both ears! lol
    I started using PS from finding this forum and all the help I have gotten here thru the years is immeasurable
    thank you MacForums and all it's members

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    Well my first Apple product was an iPod. Than I got a MacBook Pro, and than an iPhone. I've just really liked the ease of use of Apple's products, and I've never had one problem with either of them. Very beautiful products, work well, and integration between all three products I own just makes my life easier.

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    I have several reasons:

    1. I'm a teacher. My sister is not. About 6 years ago she wanted to order a new PowerBook. When talking to the salesperson she said, "My brother is a teacher and I know you give teachers discounts. Can I have him call in and order it to get the discount?" The salesperson responded with, "Don't worry about it, we'll just go ahead and give you the discount."

    2. My good friend was one of the first to jump on the iPhone bandwagon in 2007. Soon after getting his phone he was at a pool party with some friends when he saw his little girl who can't swim fall into the pool. He immediately jumped in to save her and ruined her phone in the process. He went to the apple store to replace it expecting to pay for a new one since he didn't have a protection plan. When they saw he also had bought a computer from them they replaced the phone for free.

    3. I've had a macbook pro for close to 4 years now and have yet to run a single maintenance utility. I've had fewer problems with this computer than any previous computer and it still runs faster than even my brand new Dell computers. With my windows computers, even with regular maintenance, I was replacing them about once every three years. I anticipate this macbook lasting at least two more years, and the only thing I've had to do is buy an external hard drive because my hobby in photography was eating HD space.

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    My experience with Apple has been limited to "iDevices".... for now! When I first got an iPod Touch, I had read about all the great things one could do with if was (insert "J" word here). The experience was a miserable failure and ended up locking up my iPod and I just couldn't figure out how to restore it.

    I knew it was my fault and I really didn't think Apple would help me... at least not for free. I figured the worst that would happen is that they would tell me that they could not help or they could help me... after I gave them my credit card number! Well there was the third option that I thought would never happen. They helped me get it to the restore point and did not charge me.

    So I looked the gift horse in the mouth and asked the very friendly and helpful person on the phone, "Is this the kind of service Apple normally provides?" The rep said that if she hadn't helped me or wanted to charge me an outrageous fee, they risked losing a customer. OTOH, by helping me restore my iPod for free, I would not be as likely to try and (insert "J" word here) my iPod again and it would put me back in the iTunes stream of revenue thereby making back more than the cost of helping me for free! Smart move on their part!

    Because of this experience, I ended up buying another iPod Touch and more recently, an iPad. Now I am dangerously close to becoming a switcher!

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    I don't love Apple. The service I've gotten over the last few years is apathetic. Long waits for even the simplest of questions. Unwillingness to consider any criticism or feedback, no matter how minor.

    I buy computers from Apple because OS X works better for what I do than any of the alternatives, bar none. As long as that's true, I'll continue to do business with Apple.

    It's not that Apple is good. It's just that everyone else in the industry is awful. Apple is fantastic only by comparison.

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    Ive previously owned an iPod, and my older brother currently uses and iPhone, so far its safe to say that Apple delights with its focus on the user experience. Its engineers and programmers obviously work through every aspect of how the product will be used, and refine it until they get to the slightest detail.

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    Quote Originally Posted by louishen View Post
    it's the computing equivalent of a comfortable sofa, most of the time you take it for granted, until you sit on an old uncomfortable seat.
    Could not have said it any better than that statement ... It is true in every sense of the word
    Quote Originally Posted by 1991-C4 View Post
    (insert "J" word here)
    We are aloud to talk about Jail Breaking the phone Is Jail Breaking Taboo??
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    Quote Originally Posted by BD2002 View Post
    I dislike parts of the company... how they are so very closed source and all the typical stuff there... but when you are under warranty they really do take care of you.
    What is closed source? The opensource APIs found throughout OS X and its rock solid open source POSIX compliant foundation (the darwin kernel anyone?).

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    I'd have to say that just having the computer do what you want it to do when you want it is the driving force that lead me to Apple. That, and the engineering that goes into each Mac. After you've taken apart a few thousand PCs, the tech really stands out.

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