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    Can you buy online from the Apple Company Store?
    Can you buy online from the Apple Company Store?
    Apple - The Company Store

    Getting my hands on an Apple mug or other Apple branded product would be nice. But I just don't live anywhere near 1 Infinite Loop. So am I out of luck for shopping from the goods there or is there a way?

    [edit] I only knew this places existed like 5 mins ago thanks to a random google search on a totally different topic. And it had a pic of some dude in a "I was at the mothership" t-shirt and he said he got it as the Apple Company store. The worst advertised Apple store ever. or more like non-Advertised.

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    Well, it's a company store for employees that just happens to be open to the public. So I guess if you're on vacation in the SF Bay area you can stop in and shop. As far as the Apple logo shirts and caps, you can buy knock offs at a trade fair or Flea Market. All made in the same place anyway...


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    Yes you can... but it may be a bit far

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    It's located on 1 Infinite Loop... Now, was that intentional?

    It looks like you'd have to actually go there. Apple would have even more going for them if they offered it online. I live on the other side of the country, and I'd love to purchase some Apple gear. I'm sure you could find some on e-bay.

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