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    Download 44mb SIT file & Folder is empty HELP!
    I have downloaded a 44 MB SIT file from's website. It is for a program called Nikon View. I unpacked it using stuff-it and the folder is empty. I deleted the download and re-downloaded. It happened again. I have done 3 reboots, tried it on two different days, and tried a total of 8 times and had the same results. Does anyone know why or how to fix this? I also learned that this happens to someone else but not as much.
    44mb Sit file
    PowerBook 1.67 512mb ram
    52 gigs left on my primary hard drive.

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    Can you point us to the sit file?

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    Here is the one I uploaded. Nikon has this annoying registration thing. Here is mine: and then here is Nikon's: All their downloads are there.

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    Actually I got it to work by unpacking it into my documents folder.

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    Great. I apologize I meant to check it this morning but forgot.

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