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Thread: A strange, and awesome coincidence...

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    A strange, and awesome coincidence...
    So, my wife and I decided to get each other iPads for our second anniversary, which is on June 15th. I knew that there is a bit of a shortage, so I figured I would order them online. The website said there was a 7-10 day waiting period, so I figured I could order them on May 26th and they should make it a few days early. Turns out, the scheduled arrival date is June 15th, the day of our anniversary.

    Now, to top things off, apple announces the iPhone 4, which my wife and I both really want. When can you pre-order it? June 15th. Wow, it looks like we are going to be having a very apple centric anniversary!
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    that's kewl indeed...

    ps. and congratz.
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    Haha, excellent!
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    Girls with macs are so cute.
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    Very cool!! My wife surprised me last Friday with the 64GB Wi-Fi iPad as an early anniversary gift (August).
    But you guys are very lucky to get the new iPhones too!! I'm jealous!
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    It looks like your anniversary is going to be shared by the three of you...your wife, you, and Apple. Just make sure to spend some time with your wife. It is your anniversary after all.

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    well, i hope you get the iphone 4 on time..

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaylaleeds319 View Post
    well, i hope you get the iphone 4 on time..
    Thanks, I'm hoping that ordering it on the 15th will guaranty a timely delivery.
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    I am heading to AT&T and placing a large order first thing Tuesday , I get awesome treatment at that ATT.

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