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    May 22, 2010
    Final Lost: Season 6
    I just finished watching the final episode of Lost and I am really emotional that its finished, what did you think about it??

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    I only just finished downloading it, so haven't watched it yet, but I'm terribly excited and nervous for how it is going to end.

    Just do me a favor, if you guys are going to throw spoilers in here, could you please change the title of the thread to indicate that ?
    I'm actually going to wait for tonight to watch it because for one.. it's gorgeous outside and it's a national holiday here in Hungary, and two, my wife is flying back from NY today so I'll watch it with her tonight. And I don't think she has seen the last two episodes before the finale, so I'll let her watch those too.

    I'm anxious !


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    Not what I expected.

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    I really disliked the ending, it seems that they choice the simple way out of the show. :Grimmace:

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    Going Galt...
    It was better than I expected, but not as good as it could have been. I'm glad I watched it, though it would have been nice to find out a bit more of the island's history, etc... Good to see some of the "old" characters pop up again. Vincent laying down next to Jack at the end was very touching - animals are very humbling.
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    I was fascinated with the LOST recently, i guess i would love to Sawyer than Jack.

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