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Thread: r.i.p. RJD

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    A bit late posting, but rest in peace Holy Diver...

    Ronnie James Dio Dead At 67 - News Story
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    I agree. He grew up in the town 20 minutes from where I live, Cortland NY. I didn't even think to make this thread on M-F. But yea. I still can't believe that Dio is gone.

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    Likewise. Didn't think to make a thread here, so many on the music forums, but R.I.P. Ronnie.
    I have grown up listening to him since I was 10 and Rainbow came on the scene. Truly one of the greats.
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    The news of his passing last week made me so sad. I too, grew up listening to Rainbow and Dio etc... I even saw Dio live a few times at Nassau Coliseum. Last year he did a few casual show appearances on an XM talk show that I listen to, and he was such a genuinely nice and awesome sounding guy. Not to mention how incredible his voice has always been. I mean, a real gem through and through. He went too young, and will be missed by many.


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