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    Industry impact: iPhone vs iPad
    I am curious to hear people's opinion regarding the iPhone, and iPad. I know the products may run iPhone OS, but they have similar interfaces with it's multi-touch screens. But while these two products are categorized to be two totally different markets: one aimed at the smartphone, and the other tablet computers. My question is couple years down the road, which product do you think will have the most influence in our daily life's?

    I could argue my point with the iPhone, because it really set the standard for smartphones. And there's no doubt with age, it just got better(and will continue to get better). There's so many useful apps, and while it built upon the concept of smartphones, it took it to another level.

    But looking at the iPad which has a larger screen, it really has the capability to change not only the consumer electronics, but also the medical field, education and popularizing the tablet computer market. While I am not to crazy about the iPad being the future of computers, and the "notebook" killer, I would have to say I can't see it happening anytime soon, and I prefer my laptop over one any day.

    I am thrilled the idea of a touch-screen computer, and I will buy an iPad when it has a camera, USB ports, and other gizmos. There's endless possibilities with the iPad, and I think it will get better with age, just like the iPhone, the iPod. But my question is, the iPhone changed the life's of many people and being an iPhone owner, I can honestly say my life is a little bit easier. But I also think the iPad can really be a game changer when it adds more features.

    So what do you think will be the product that will have the biggest impact?

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    My opinion is they both have the same impact on society. And I had best explain myself on this.

    Sure the ipad and iphone are different products with different functions for a different target audience. But they both have one major thing in common. They change the way in which people traditionally look at computing. A keyboard and a mouse is slowly looking loke old technology. And Apple is slowly realising this and moving to the next level. And as usual all the competition have to play catch up.

    As to which product will have the bigger impact based on the tech specs alone, probably the iphone. As everyone thought it would fail. Or at the best do midly ok. No noe guessed the record breaking sales it has actually achieved.

    But the idea they both convey that anything is possible. And looking outside the square to something new and innovative is the biggest impact. A world without a keyboard and a mouse. It'll happen one day.

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    Since the iPod's debut it has proved that we are in love with easy to use mobile/portable devices with long battery life and as was said the mouse will
    probably become extinct but the keyboard will be around just not a mechanical one.

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