I am very new to google Calendars I just recently signed up and I'm having trouble with a few things. Here is a little back story of what I have before I ask; I have a mac using Snow Leopard 10.6.3, I use Safari and I really like the browser and I'm not really interested in switching browsers unless absolutely necessary. I have an iPhone and have been using Pocket Informant for 6 months or so and have been really happy with it. I wanted something that would sync with my phone, mac, and ipad and I just couldn't find anything that had an iphone app and mac desktop software without going to google calendar. The only thing I didn't like about google is the online thing. Also, I downloaded Calengoo app for iphone but have not really used it I heard it works better syncing with google but I have been happy with Pocket informant.

Ok. What I would like to do is be able to add some kind of Desktop shortcut icon to my desktop and also to my dock if that is possible but for the life of me I cannot find out how to do that! I saw somewhere in the forums where someone was able to do this on a PC and when he pulled up his Google Calendar he had just the calendar application, no tool bars and other internet clutter. If that is possible I would love to figure out how to get that up and running in a shortcut version.

I have not synced my iphone with my new Google Calendar account yet because I do not know how to do that either. That I am sure I can figure out. One question though. I have MobileMe, and would love to be able to sync my calendar events through all three devises through the "cloud" like how iCal use MobileMe to do. Can I use MobileMe to sync my iphone, ipad, and mac through the "cloud" or does Google sync work that way? Thanks for all help!!