It's interesting how governments are accusing one another of cyber warfare and the interaction between governments and businesses in this new age... one thing that I find interesting is how China has been accusing the US Government of conducting cyber warfare against China, yet...

Symantec finds China top source of malware | Security - CNET News

But analyzing the source of malware based on the mail servers doesn't tell the full picture as the sender can use any Web-based e-mail account. By checking the actual sender's IP address found in the e-mail's header, Symantec found individuals in China responsible for 28.2 percent of malware, Romania for 21.1 percent, and the U.S. for 13.8 percent. Overall, the analysis discovered that most of the attacks coming from mail services in North American actually stem from other regions, including Asia, Europe, and Africa.
It will be interesting to see how it all played out in the end.