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    Smile Which Cell Phone Do U Use With Ur Mac??
    The purpose of this thread is to find out which cell phones are the most compatible with macs and why is it that the phone companies do not ship mac versions of their phone software cds along with the handsets.(mac suite for Nokia). They can atleast be hosted on the company websites for one to download if they cannot fathom supplying it due to the small user base.

    So? Which phone do you use with your mac? Compatibility? And does it compliment the mac aesthetically???

    Will start with me.....I use a Sony Ericsson K700i and connect it to my ibook via bluetooth. Sony ercissons seem to have greater comaptibility with macs. iSync works gr8. And Sony Ericsson provides a mac version of its theme creator too.....

    Don't know about data cable compatibility. Any info about other manufacturers......Nokia, Motorola, Samsung......

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    I've got a sony ericsson P900 that i connect via bluetooth, can't get the dock thingy to work!
    And a Samsung D500 which i connect via bluetooth also.
    Both work effortlessly

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    I have a Motorola v600 which I sync with a cable and it has bluetooth file transfer capability.
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    I have a Nokia 7610 which is a Series 60 (Symbian) phone.

    My previous phone (Nokia 6600) worked fine with iSync but this one is not supported by iSync and there is no software for connectivity. All I do is transfer images and sound clips & videos with Bluetooth.

    I'm getting rid of this and getting a Motorola V3 RAZR next week. I hear that it has better compatibility with OS X.

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    I have a V3 Razer and have the option to connect it to my computer but I don't bother becuase you can't really do anything useful with it on here.


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    I've got a motorolla v220 which has a camera in it but no mac software to download the poor quality pictures, shame. I have read that it's all possible with virtual PC and the address book and modem functions are accessible with OSX.

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    S700i and it does all that i want it to with iSync

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    I use my Treo 650 with missing sync.

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    I use a crappy kerosera stick phone it does the job. no isync but it does have tetris

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    i use my nokia 6820 and use the bluetooth to transmit pictures. right now i'm rockin an older moto mpx200 that i got from my friend; it's worthless for purposes other than a phone ; at least it looks cool :p

    my apple is bling *tisk tisk, you shouldn't have any bling.. just nice things*

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    I have a beat-up Motorola V60. I've used it with iSync to sync contacts over a USB cable, but it seems kind of pointless to me. I don't have eMail addresses for most of the people on my phone, and I don't have phone numbers for about half of the people in my Address Book.

    I don't really see the need for anthing fancier than this phone. Bluetooth, PDAs, cameras, color screens, and other junk just use battery power and take up space. Plus, the newer phones seem so cheap and plastic-y.

    Heck, I still have a land line.

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    I currently have a verizon wireless audiovox camera phone, which is great. However, I will upgrade soon in order to get a phone with bluetooth. But since verizon's only bluetooth 'phone' is the v710, which has gotten poor reviews, I will probably switch to Cingular and get the V3 RAZR.
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