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    Powerbook 12" and iBook 12"
    In my gap year I am planning on doing a LOT of travelling so my laptop may get a lot being chucked about, played cricket with, and generally moved everywhere. Would it be more sensible to get and iBook than a powerbook cause i heard ibooks are quite strong, my powerbook is to big and delacate to be chuckedabout, its already falling to pieces, any suggestions?

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    I have a 12'' powerbook and mine seems quite sturdy. It never leaves my back (in my backpack) during school and I also take it with me for military junk. Maybe it is just because it is a 12 inch that I feel it is compact and solid but I think it would be fine for such events.

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    My 17" Powerbook also seems quite sturdy to me. I fly with that a couple times a month, as well as carry it around everywhere I go. I think your fine with either the iBook or PB. I'm guessing you are just looking for something more portable, as you already have the 17". iBook works fine for email, word processing, internet, etc. The Powerbook will kill the ibook if you need to do anything more than that.

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    If you have the funds, I think the 12" PB would prove to be just as study as the iBook.

    What is a 'gap' year?


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    I'd say that the iBook is slightly more durable than the PowerBook. The plastic case doesn't dent, and doesn't show scratches as easily as the aluminum case. They're both pretty solid, but the iBook has a small edge there.

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