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    is it possible to scan multiple pages and save as single PDF file
    Hi, first post here, hope it's in the right place ;-)

    I bought a new Kodak ESP7 wireless printer for my Macbook Pro but the Kodak software doesn't allow me to scan multiple documents and save as a single PDF file. Annoyingly the Win XP version of the Kodak software does allow this cause my flat mate is on XP ;-( I'm gonna call Kodak support tmrrw after I spent 2 hours on the online-chat help yesterday in USA but to no avail. That's another story - they had me going round in circles and ended up with no solution then recommended I speak to their 'advanced' help people.

    Anyway - I was wondering, is there another program that will do this ?

    I'm on a MAC OS X 10.5

    Thanks in anticipation.

    (London UK)

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    Yes you can use preview to do it.

    You need to select all the files and open them. Then make sure that all the thumbnails are also all selected on the right hand side.

    Go to File -> Print Selected Pages.

    In the box where it says Pages and then "From:"1 to X" Type in the number of pages in the document.

    In the lower left hand corner is PDF, click on that and you should see a drop down menu with a lot more options. Select Save as PDF.

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    great thanks - I'll give that a try tmrrw ;-)

    happy nooooo yeeeaaar !!

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    Thanks for the help, I've been wondering how to do this as well!

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