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Thread: regent street london apple store

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    regent street london apple store

    i made my first visit to the regent street store ( all the way from sunny scotland ) on 11/04 and can report that it was well worth the trip.

    on a city break to london i made straight for mac heaven, and enjoyed
    great customer service, superb presentations on garageband and ipod/itunes and iphoto. the presenter that did garageband was a brilliant musician who just plugged his guitar into the mac, and off he went, it was awesome, they also let you try out any mac that you can get your hands
    on. needless to say i left london a few £'s lighter, but it was well worth it and would recommend a visit to any mac fan or any potential switchers out there.

    kind regards

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    cheers mate

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    id be half tempted if i didnt hate london.

    Needless to say though i reckon i will drop in next time i go there when im working

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    Aye, it's an excellent spot. I paid the obligatory visit whilst I was down south a few months back. Quote from my blog:

    Our main destination in Regent Street: the one and only Apple store in the UK! It was surprisingly large and busy, or perhaps not so surprising considering how much popularity Apple are gaining all of a sudden. Saw a lot of nice products and did a lot of drooling (30″ cinema displays, mmmmm). Saw a lot of price tags and had a lot of near heart attacks! As you’d expect from Apple, it’s a really neat and clean looking shop. Even the carrier bags look like they’re worth a fortune. It was pretty marvellous to see so much expensive equipment in one place… even the demonstration stock (row after row of Powerbooks, G5s, iMacs, eMacs, Cinema Displays, iPods on each demo machine…) was probably worth a couple of million, never mind the boxed stock on the shelves..

    I think the cheapest thing I saw was a packet of iPod socks… that’s literally about 6 tiny little socks… for £19.99! Proving that although with Apple you do often pay for quality (like this Powerbook I’m typing on, I think it was worth the money and wouldn’t swap it for the world) - sometimes they’re just taking the ****

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    Personally I found it was so heaving with people that I couldn't get attention from any of the staff, and it took about 15 minutes to pay. I must have gone at the wrong time.

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