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    I know that many of you guys and ladies enjoy a nice cigar every once in awhile, well long story short my friend is getting hitched and well I thought me and him can enjoy a nice cigar together. I have never smoked a cigar before neither has he, however we do have a normal smoke every once in awhile, I do know that it is not the same a smoke. So yeah any tips or any brand suggestions?

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    Cohiba has a nice taste, Perdomos are pretty good too, and I also recommend Punch.

    I would light with a match, but it's okay if you don't. When you light it, turn thecigar as you touch the flame to the tip asyou puff to get an even start.

    If the leaf wrapping the tobacco is uneven (one part unburned while another part burned farther down), then slow down the puffing. It's best to smoke it slow anyways.

    Also, keep the ashes on the tip, I usually wait for about 1" of ash at the tip before I tap it off.

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