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    Steve Jobs Nice or not?
    IS STeve Jobs nice or mean in person? I read an article that I ddin't quite understand if he was nic eoir if he was just not really that nice beacuyse he was journalist?

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    He's very touchy about his family and work. He demands a lot from his employees, and he doesn't like people intruding into his personal life.

    He's human.

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    Yeah from the sound of the book I read about the Mac.. he demands a lot from his employees.. a whole lot!

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    i would too.

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    as would i

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    Well then obviously Steve Jobs is obviously doing his Jobs lol..i know..corny lol..but Apple works nothing under perfection,except for their Customer Service, boy I wish I was able to call and get someone who doesn't speak broken English or DOES know what there talking about.

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