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    Question about personal articles policy at State Farm Insurance
    For my last Mac, I had Safeware insurance and was pretty satisfied with their service. I paid around $75/year for a '07 Macbook. I am definitely going to insure my MBP, but I'm debating between Safeware and State Farm. I heard people are paying only $30/year for State Farm insurance on their Macs. State Farm also has a $0 deductible for accidental damage. However, with such a drastic difference in price, I'm a bit wary about the policy. Do any of you have actual experience with State Farm's insurance on your Macs?


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    Stay clear of safeware read my thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sydkiker View Post
    I heard people are paying only $30/year for State Farm insurance on their Macs.
    That's the premium I pay for a SF Personal Articles policy. But, it's not for a Mac, it's for jewelry.

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