There's a mac club in Detroit called MacGroup. They have a great feature on their website that I like. They record all of their meetings in video and upload them to their website. They only have a meeting once a month and they'll only have one meeting uploaded, but not past meetings. Each meeting will have a topic they will discuss, one month it was GarageBand, another was Networking and the Internet, and this month there were emphasizing about how their members can utilize their message board at their site.

The meeting will start off with FAQs that the members have, which is fun to watch. Then the meeting will go into their topic meeting. Then the meeting will end with a cool raffle. They raffle off some really expensive stuff. In the past, they have raffled off stuff like, Adobe Creative Suite, a Mac mini, and iPod Shuffle. This month, they cut off the raffle at the end of the video feed, that sucked, I wanted to see it really bad.

Click on "Watch Now", to watch a meeting, it's about 2 hours: