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    Best Apple retailer in the UK?
    Hi all,

    I'm shopping around for a new Mini and was wondering if anyone could recommend a good (read 'cheap'!) Apple retailer in the UK, or recommend a retailer for outstanding service?

    Thanks, Lee

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    No such thing as 'cheap' where Apple is concerned

    The best would be the Apple store in Regent Street, London. I was in there a couple of days ago, amazing place, and you can't get any better than the horse's mouth. They know best how to support it etc.

    But you're not exactly southern (neither am I, just on hols down in London) so your nearest PC World would be the only choice I can think of other than ordering online. Nowhere does 'cheap' Macs, they're all the same price If you can get away with it, online would be best as PC World aren't exactly the height of intelligence or customer support!

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    Aye I know! The last mac i bought was my iMac back in ooh, '99? Just wondering if any retailers support was worth paying the extra for. I realise that prices are very similar, so I think I'll just order all my stuff from the Apple Store online as I'm going to get the upgrades.

    BTW, the iMac I bought all those years ago was indeed from PC World instore, and they sold me a HP printer and scanner to go with it ('It's compatible, honest.'). Doh!

    Cheers Cloudane.

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