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    I really don't think either. Windows users can be ignorant and arrogant. Mac users can be the same.
    I think it's just what do you like best?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dan828
    No. What you own or afford is a reflection of what you buy. If you are buying things to present an image to the outside world then I'm thinkiing you might have a bit of a complex. The "I own a Mac or a BMW or a Rolex" so I'm better than you thinking is pretty ****ed silly if you ask me. I buy things I want and will use and pretty much care less what everyone else feels about it.

    If someone looks at my Mac and tells me I'm stupid for buying it then I'd think that the person is jumping on some sort of bandwagon to get an emotional charge and make himself feel better. Hey, good for him, but I'm not going to want to spend time around someone so shallow.
    Well basically, if you handled your life in such a way that you can afford those things (without eating beans), you might not be a better person but you do have a grip on the right side of the sword...

    It's called having goals and fight for it.

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    It breaks down more basic (haha) then that. Do you want Unix type secure and control or windows registry disaster exposure? It really is that simple

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    i just happened to do this poll in a fit of rage cause i was being verbally beaten in a Mac and Pc chat and wanted to see what people thought. i used to be a windows person then i still better with windows cause i havent discovered half of what Mac can do..but Windows users do stereo-type us..they refer to us as a materialistic group of people that put ourselves on a higher pedastal..and of course the never ending rumor that everyone who has a Mac lives in starbucks..i go to starbucks but my laptop isnt in one hand and my "caramel mochiata" in the other

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    Many people have a lot of time & money invested in their computers. They could also own printers and scanners etc that don't have Mac drivers available. Those who have taught themselves over many years or have paid for training are not going to jump easily to any new OS either.

    As Mac users we can wonder why they put up with all the Malware but many Windows users don't know that Mac's don't pick up all the rubbish, written for windows, out there.
    All computers do that, don't they? After all, one of the first questions from many new Mac owners is which anti virus software is the best to use.

    People are people, good, bad or indifferent. The type of computer they use makes no difference at all. There are other OS's out there, it's not just a two horse race.
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    There is a popular assumption made by people on this board that if Windows users knew about Mac OS, they would switch, I don't believe that is true. Also people tend to think that all Windows users have problems with spyware/viruses, which I don't believe to be true.

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    I think lots of Windows users aren't even aware of the security problems of Windows. Some of the people that call into these radio stations for computer help think that they are protected from everything by their anti-virus program. I even tell family members not to use IE but they look at me like aliens coming out of my ears. I tell my mom that she needs to scan computer for spyware, and she replies that she has nothing to hide. Yet, spyware goes way beyond a company learning about users; some of it is very dangerous.

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    I own both Windows and a Mac, and I fit into neither of these categories.

    This poll is flawed.

    There is a subset of technology snobs who will always feel their environment is best-- whether it's Apple, Wintel, AS/400, UNIX, etc. Jeez, I know a guy who swears that there will never be a platform as wonderful as DEC Alpha running OSF/1.

    As a whole, I find Mac owners to be very happy with their platform of choice, perhaps moreso than Windows users who tend to view their computing environment as a necessary evil. To polarize either camp to an extreme is unfair.

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    Ahh, don't forget the Amiga zealots. They're feisty!
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    i agree that there are both ignorant and arrogant mac & pc users. Being surrounded my a majority of pc users, I get browbeaten all the time with how stupid I am, just because I have a mac. I have nothing against windows (i think there are some good programs for it) and I kinda just brush criticism off, now. However, I know some people that don't care if macs or pcs are better, they use what they are most comfortable with. Whatever you've been trained on (for the vast majority of the average people) you'll probably stick with (if you fall into the demographic information of young, middle, old....that's a topic for another post, though...). Long story short: I understand where DV'SiBOOKG4 was going for, I've been in fits of rage over people too, but it isn't the best poll I've seen....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eleven
    Well basically, if you handled your life in such a way that you can afford those things (without eating beans), you might not be a better person but you do have a grip on the right side of the sword...

    It's called having goals and fight for it.
    Nothing wrong with having goals, but having a need to show off your acquisitions is shallow at best.

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    Combination of many things, I think. Most of the Windows users I deal with either haven't heard of the Mac (ignorant) or have, but prefer the peace of mind that they're using the same type of machine as everybody else (even though they're mostly compatible, and people acknowledge this, they still say "but everyone else uses Windows" - it's definitely a peace of mind thing).

    The only idiotic "mac suxx0r l0l0l!!" people I've seen are online, and well... hiding behind the internet it another subject entirely!

    I like to think of myself as an expert user (I grew up with computers as a main hobby since about the age of 4 - some 18 years ago - much to the loss of fun when I was at school!) and as such I know to respect the pros and cons of each platform and use the correct tool for the job. I have a bigass PC for gaming and things that are PC-only, a Powerbook for mose other things and Linux for a server.

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