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    Well, I'm mainly talking about the Mac mini. 160GB max HD space is just not enough these days. It needs new processors, and more RAM standard.

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    well i think that it will be just that the new mac will just have the new ilife pre-installed on them
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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkY View Post
    What do the desktops so desperately need?
    The Mini needs 2 GB of RAM, minimum, a DVD burner as standard equipment on all models, 250/320 GB hard drives instead of the current 80/160 GB ones, faster/newer processors, and GeForce 9400M graphics or at least an Intel X3100 to replace the ancient GMA 950.

    The iMac also needs 2 GB of RAM on the low end, larger hard drives across the board, newer graphics chips (the Radeon HD2xxx series is very old, and the HD2400XT is so slow it's on par with shared graphics chipsets), better processors (hopefully some quads on at least the high end config), and hopefully some price cuts.

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    I agree with the above about the imacs.. But the number one thing I'd have to say is up the graphics chipset to something much more cutting edge.

    And secondly I think the use of the 800mhz ram and more bus speeds etc etc. You know all those non CPU speed things that actually improve performance a heck of a lot. All that I think need a good upgrade

    And if they want to up the CPU ghz, it would be nice but to me not exactly needed. I would though make the 3.0 ghz the standard though. And remove the 2.x ghz versions.

    Lastly, make a Matt screened option available. It'll sell I'm sure of it.

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    Or maybe Best Buy has decided to drop Apple? (or vice versa)

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