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    Quote Originally Posted by Aptmunich View Post
    That's common industry policy from a lot of manufacturers. Of course, Apple's seems worse, as the MBP is so much more expensive than say the entry level MacBook or a low-end Dell.

    But put it this way: If you had an iBook before and received a 15" MacBook Pro basically for free, you've already been given a larger machine than most would expect (the iBook's sucessor is the 13" MacBook, not the 15" MacBook Pro).

    So you've got a 2" larger display for free. Just tell yourself those 2 pixels are in the free area
    Yea I know, I'm not really upset over it anymore, I'll just deal till more go out. But the only reason he gave me a MBP was because the macbook specs were less than my ibook at the time.

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    i would try to escalate your call. be persistent. that's how you win. it doesn't always work but it's more likely to work if you insist it to instead of just dealing with it.. just a little something i've learned along the way. so push.
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    what a shame for you, you should be pushy with them, take it to them, and tell them you want it fixed, if they say no, ask to talk to the manager - tell him that you are dissapointed and am going to complain to higher authority,

    they will probably start to be more friendly, as they dont want the trouble

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