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Thread: Gmail question

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    Gmail question
    Just signed up for Gmail today and my question is.....I need a sub-category to keep emails in that have important info but I dont want to keep them with all the other to do this???

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    If you use Gmail pop with Apples mail you can make as many mailboxes as you wish.
    You can set up labels in Gmail itself to keep mail in groups if you use website access only.
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    On the left side of the screen is a menu that says "labels" click on edit labels. Then type in a name for the folder and you are set. Then to add to the folder simply check one of the emails and click the drop down menu that says "more options" on the top of the page. Then click the name of the folder you want it to go in. You can then find the emails by clicking the name of the "label" on the left side of your screen. Hope that helped but if thats not what you need pm me and ill see if I can help.

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