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Thread: Apple Referral Policy? Would it work?

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    Arrow Apple Referral Program? Would it work?
    Anyone ever thought about if Apple had a referral incentive policy for switching users??

    I mean the incentive doesn't have to be that big. Maybe $50 off next computer purchase. Free iTunes. $20 Rebate in the Store. know? I think it would drive alot more business to Apple. I have switched pry atleast 20 people in the past month alone. I dont care about the incentive (if there was one). But was if the people I am getting to buy there products do. And they pass there knowledge and love of the mac on and on an on....

    What does everything think about something like this? Would it work for Apple?


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    You mean dicounts for switchers? How would they know your not pulling their leg and telling them your a switcher but your not to get 50$ off?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shaun89
    You mean dicounts for switchers? How would they know your not pulling their leg and telling them your a switcher but your not to get 50$ off?
    no no.... a referral program. like if i persuade someone to switch to a mac they would tell apple I reffered them on the registration application and i would recieve some sort of incentive. Sorry if my first post was unclear....

    Apple for the most part would know if the person was new to Apple or not because of there registration system. You could scam it (you can scam most anything with effort) but it wouldn't be any harder to scam than the education discount.

    Just wondering people thoughts....


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    iTunes is free anyway...

    For it to be worthwhile you would need a bigger saving or a product of some kind you could make people believe is worth more than it is (like this state of the art digital camera from Sony! which is actually only 0.5 megapixels but we won't tell you that...), I don't know anybody who would go for a particular computer brand (especially if they've never used it before) because they are getting 50 off (or dollars or whatever).

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    they ran a referral program for dotMac a while back. i think it was 30% for referring your friend to dotMac. and i highly recommend dotMac for recent switchers. not sure if they still offer a discount ($69 instead of $99) when you get it with a new mac

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