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    Looking to buy clothes online.
    I'm actually looking for clothes to buy online, perhaps from the US, and like something that goes along the line of American Eagle or Old Navy. Anyone has some suggestions for clothes like these, since I don't actually live in the States and I'm not too familiar with that. Preferably more affordable apparel. Shops that stocks funny tees would also be fine, but preferably something like AE and Old Navy.
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    Well you can go to old navy or ae's website, but I think your best option is ebay.

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    H&M - I know they have stores in the UK
    Gap - Moderately priced stuff.
    Urban Outfitters - Pricey but they have sales.
    Beautiful Decay - Artist T-shirts & other neat stuff.
    American apparel - Lots of color selection.

    Those are just a few of my favorite places to shop. ^-^""

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