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    GPS Question
    Hey guys I had a question about a GPS that I have. I bought the Garmin Nuvi 270 and love it. I have only had one problem and I found that when I was driving from outside Atlanta, GA back to Knoxville, TN. I had never driven from my friends house back to Knoxville before and followed the GPS directions. I was then taken on a series of winding highways in the mountains and back roads until I arrived back at my destination. Later I asked my friend the directions he uses which are a lot more simple and would have gotten me back faster. He recommended that I take I-285 to I-75 and take that straight to Knoxville.

    Now I have tried switching the settings from "Shorter Distance" and "Less Time" with no avail, it still takes me that way. I was wondering if there was a way to change the route any, and save if so if I give my GPS to another friend he can follow that same route and not have the GPS tell him/her to go on these scary back roads in bad parts of town. I know I can drive it and let the GPS recalculate that way...but I would rather be able to change it.

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    i know that if you do not follow the directions, if will recalculate the directions. if you continue to go straight after it tells you to turn, it will eventually recalculate a new route in the direction you are going, but you have to listen to it say make a u-turn several times. i have nuvi 200 x2 and our friends have a nuvi 750. it seems that they each do that.

    PS - i should have read your whole post. sorry. once i learn a route i stop using the gps to tell me how to get there.

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    Yeah, I know the route to take now (to keep it to interstate driving instead of weird mountain backroads) but if I were to give the GPS to my girlfriend or someone then they wouldnt know... Please let me know if you come across any information on this. I am still looking

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