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    My Phone dilemma
    I've got a plan for another year (Bell says 2 years but I'm going there to prove them wrong) with a Samsung U740 Double Flip, blue. My contract is $30 a month and my parents are covering it in whole.

    I feel the need to surf the web freely on certain occasions. I find myself going for fairly long drives (45-1hr) and without being able to read in the car, which makes me sick, I figure I'd get an internet enabled phone.

    Now heres my dilemma:

    I really want an iPhone 3G. A friend of mine might be selling his to be for $385, which, if you ask me, is quite low. I really love this phone, and I'd sell my 16GB iPod touch I got for Xmas and then use this instead. I've got an offer from my bros friend for $200 for the touch, so that works out.

    Then I kind of want a Blackberry. I can get a Pearl for roughly $300 then get a 500MB data plan (3 cents per add. MB) and I'll be paying $15 a month with my parents covering $30.

    Then I can also switch to Rogers, which I really want to do to get a SIM card, and not be locked in to a CDMA phone. This time, I'd get the amazing new Curve which is by far my favourite phone. I'd need to change my Bell contract to $10 a month, then cancel (it'd be around $100 bucks), then get the Curve for $200. It seems perfect, but i dont know.

    Then I can just go screw it and not get a new phone, because after all, I dont need it.

    Just rambling here lol.

    By the way, if Bell says I got my phone in 2008, March 21st, but I have a text from February 14th, 2008, will they notice that they screwed up my account? I've also got my user manual with 2007 written on it. I know for a fact (I'm looking for recipts now) that I got this in 2007, but they say 2008. If I proove them wrong, do you think I'll get a credit???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy348 View Post
    I feel the need to surf the web freely on certain occasions. I find myself going for fairly long drives (45-1hr) and without being able to read in the car, which makes me sick, I figure I'd get an internet enabled phone.
    OK, just playing devil's advocate here - but wouldn't reading a book be roughly analogous to reading webpages, in terms of causing nausea? And if your use of the Internet is limited to viewing videos or listening to music, I would think an iPod would better suit.
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    I am one of those that absolutely cannot read in a moving vehicle. By the third sentence, I'm getting dizzy. I cannot watch the side of the road go by either, or watch a train (unless I pick one spot up the road and look at that spot or pick one train car and watch that single car until it goes by). I definitely do not get on any type of ride that goes in a circle.

    If this is you, you're not going to be able to browse the net or play a game on that new phone while sitting in the back seat of a car either.
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