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    Great customer service at Apple Store
    To me this is great because I am brand new to Apple

    Just bought iWork 08 last week....the same day they announced iWork 09...wasn't to happy but oh today I was in the Apple store doing a one to one and told the girl helping me about me buying 08 and she told me to ask for a manager...well after a one to one I talked to another associate and he said "Oh sure just bring back your 08 and we will do a even retail exchange with no extra charge to you" He said since they never know when they have new product out they do this for people who buy things within 30 days of something new being released..

    For everyone that is used to Apple service and know this great...but for someone who is new like myself appreciates these things a million times more and wants to stay with this company a million times more

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    Cool, thanks for sharing.
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    great experience! Makes me glad I made the jump to Apple!
    I just bought my macbook last week and I asked about iLife upgrade when it ships shortly. They told me to come back when it's in stores, and they'll upgrade me for free!
    Awesome service from an awesome company!
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    Wow. That is really good of them, I wonder if I'll be able to get iLife 09 for free with my Mac Pro. Ordered it yestarday with iLife 08.

    I had excellent an excellent experience with there support - replacement product arrived next day over the new year period. In a crazy way that made me just upgrade to the Mac Pro, I know I'm never going back to a PC now.

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