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    Apple Technician Training (ACMT)...worth it?

    I've been considering buying the Apple Technician Training material from the apple site, and then take the required exams for certification. But its VERY pricey.

    Is it really worth it? At the moment I'm not working and what I basically see this as is an opportunity to fix Apple products in my spare time / while I'm out of work (I was going to charge for this service). It also helps that there isn't any mac support (apple stores / technicians) for 60-70 miles

    But I'm not sure whether this training lets me do this, i.e. fix people's macs and make money from it. I'm under the impression that the only thing i can do with this training is put it on my CV if i pass.


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    I don't think I would worry about if the ACMT 'lets' you fix computer problems and make money with it. People who aren't even certified work on computers and make money all the time. I know a lot of MCP (MS. Cert. Pro) that do it all the time as well.

    If there isn't a place for you to take your Mac to that is close, I would jump all over it.

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    In mho there isn't a whole lot of places that have mac laps other than schools, art departments, video and the lot. It would all depend on the types of companies that are in your area and if you feel up to it pick up the study books. So that way you don't waste your money and don't pass, that way you have a head start on the classes. It would not hurt to get certification. I will be facing the same type of problem soon, I'm a computer science major with my focus on systems administration and I'm picking up some learning on embbedded systems. So pretty soon I will be looking down the path of what disco of linux I should go through the exams. But good luck, and I hope the best towards you.

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    I see,

    My major concern is just how much it costs + the fact that i'm not getting any money in at the moment. I'd feel more comfortable if i was doing this in my spare time while working during the day or something.

    Not sure i'll do it soon. Its definately something i would like to do eventually though.

    JGruber - Yeah I just wasn't sure whether the training would cover taking macs apart and installing new hardware / where i get the parts etc.

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