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    The Fall Of Macs=Microsoft Users
    So, being on a college campus is nice. Walking about you see tons of people with music players. Of course everytime I see the white cord of ipod headphones, it makes me smile (and trust me I see a lot of them). But since microsoft users have seen how great they are, I've noticed a slight shift. This is what I mean: advertising on the tv is one thing, but i walked into one of my giant classes and the room is littered with leaflets. Wha!!! There are tons of peices of paper advertising the ipod hp, all over the floors, the halls, etc. This was a waste of paper, an insult the the greatness that is mac users (for stooping to this level), and just plain annoying. I tried to figure out what group had done this. I never was able to...but either way, I never noticed this when it was just us mac users.

    *Now this is not to be taken as I don't want people to convert or that I dislike agressive advertising; I'm just making a point.

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    i could careless if people convert

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    yeah i agree. the more people using ipods the better. now online for ipod video.

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    Desolate One
    Hp is now selling the iPod, so what? Isn't this better for Apple?

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    Hmmm, I'm a recent switcher so maybe I don't know much about apple's products, but I see a pretty sweet advantage of this (intended or not.) You see, get people weened on iPod (regardless of OS compatibility, in other words, let them use them on their windoze machines,) and keep introducing new iPods/models and then eventually drop the windows products--but ONLY when you introduce such a product that people WILL switch for. Maybe that would work, maybe (probably) it wouldn't, but if people didn't switch to Mac after seeing how awesome the iPod was, I just don't think they will. However, give those people a reason to switch, and BAM!!! If no one switches, big deal, if they do, great. Apple has survived as a niche-market for years, they obviously don't have to be "competitive" with m$. After thinkin about it, this was probably Apple's idea all along. The sheer number of windows users is a hot-bed for success. I'm an idiot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Desolate One
    Hp is now selling the iPod, so what? Isn't this better for Apple?
    It is better for apple and not better for apple at the same time, since HP is putting their name on it as well, people start to think that HP has something to do with the product, and HP is also taking some of the profit from the sales of the HP version. But then again it gets people to get their heads out of a cave and start to atleast look at apple products. So I guess its good and bad for apple.
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    Living in the US it's easy to forget that it's pretty hard to find certain products in other countries. That was the most important part of the deal as i remeber. I'm from Lima, Peru and even if its true you can find anything there it is hard to find authorized stores for many companies (incluiding Apple). On the other hand HP has offices and stores in many more contries.
    True: Apple doesn't share HP's marketing techniches
    True: The intention of any companie is to achieve succes.
    I won't really worry about some leaflets on the floor, it is not as elegant as an iPod ad, but it has its lvl of success.

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