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    Sennheiser Headphones
    Ok I have narrowed my search down two these headphones:
    Sennheiser HD202
    Sennheiser EH-150
    Sennheiser HD201

    Which would be the best one in terms, or clarity and such. I don't want to spend more more than that so I'm not sure what would be the best ones. Is the Hi-Fi real or is it just a gimmick?

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    Sennheiser HD 202
    My college has these attached to all their new iMacs and they seem like really good headphones, good quality bass and mids! I've never tried the others so I can't tell you!

    It also does depend on your Hi-Fi but if you have a fairly decent quality one then you should be okay .

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    There are no terms defining Hi-Fi, so I would say it's a sales gimmick. The sound quality is limited both by what you're listening to, and also what you're listening with. Obviously, if you listen to music encoded at 128kb, it's not going to sound nearly as good as something encoded in lossless format no matter what you're listening with.

    Sennheiser does make a very good set of headphones though. But my vote goes to the eH150s.
    Black MacBook
    Black 2GB iPod Nano & Black 80GB iPod Classic
    B&W G3
    G4's - PowerMac & Cube

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    You really need to try the headphones and make that decision for yourself.

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