Yesterday, I participated in a robotics competition. Most people there used their 4 inch thick Dell notebooks, with the provided, klunky, and limited software. I, however, stuck out like a sore thumb...I used my iBook, and while I was chugging along, 30 minutes into the competition, almost EVERYONE had to plug their notebooks in to charge! I still had 5 hours left according the indicator! In addition, I used a programming language to program the robots instead of a programming application. The language was called NQC, or Not Quite C, and it was very easy to pick up with my moderate knowledge of c++. My programming allowed my so many more options, than those power thirsty bricks. Everyone who passed by were almost compelled to stop and look at my white iBook, and they all were fascinated with the glowing apple symbol.

Well, here's to thinking different, which helped me in the competition!