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    Help me find a job.
    I am currently getting an MBS degree (master in business studies) and have to start looking for a job when I graduate. I graduated in 2005 with a BS in business administration. I worked for 3 years in sales and I could go back to sales. however I am wondering if there is a type of job out there for someone who is not a programmer or engineer but loves technology. I love gadgets and computers but not technical enough to build or design them. Does anyone have any ideas?


    8gb iPhone
    MacBook Pro 15.4"
    2.4GHz, 4GB ram, 200GB 7200 rpm

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    Have you tried Job Search | one search. all jobs. Indeed? They post the jobs available from just about every job board known to man. You can also sign-up to receive daily emails alerts to new offers as employment websites post jobs.

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