As a recent purchaser of an Imac I have to say I love it!

However I'm stuck. I've put together an ibook for my aunt's birthday, ordered it, it arrived and all is fine.

Now I want to use all the photos from ibook and put them into an imovie to show on her birthday. However I can only seem to add one photo at a time and I have 250 of them so that will take me ages.!

I dont understand why I can't do a 'select all' and put the photos back in a dedicated photo file and use that on imovies, but I can't.

Any ideas how I can do this. When I hear 'burn to disk' I get clammy so if I can do it without going that route then great. Otherwise I'll have to try and learn but I'm fast running out of time:

Thanks for anyone who takes the effort to reply...