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    Dual CPU or Dual Core
    Hi everyone,

    I have been using an iBook G4 for some time now and its getting overloaded with my music and photos so I want to move all my stuff over to a desktop machine. I was thinking that a secondhand G5 power mac would be in my budget but I am undecided on which CPU type to go for....... Dual core or Dual CPU???

    The G5's in question both have a 2.0GHz clock with 2Gb ram.

    As far as I understand the Dual core systems use DDR2 533MHz ram compared to DDR1 400MHz ram for the Dual CPU, also the dual core systems are capable of taking up to 16GB of ram.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated as my poor over worked G4 iBook is begging me to get some data off her!


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    I think the newer the technology the better. I'd be inclined to go with dual core over dual processor. Don't know if anyone's with me on that?

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    I was thinking the dual single core CPU system........ Any other opinions?

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    Go with the newer tech and get the dual core. Most programs can't take advantage of dual processors or dual cores on a single processor so there is no advantage either way their. But, even if they run at the same clock speed the dual core will be about 10% faster than the dual processor because of the advances in the memory technology.
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    By the sound of things I will be going for the Dual Core G5 Power Mac!

    Any ideas on what they should be worth at this stage?

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