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    Screen protection
    I've been looking for some type of screen protection for my macbook (don't even know if I need one) if anyone can tell me if such thing exists and where to find one that would be helpful.

    Also some recommended screen and mac safe cleaner would be nice , the mac is seeming to be a lil bit dirty and I'd rather keep it clean

    OH... and like a hard-case i've seen loads about but i'd like to know some ones experience with them to see which is the best to buy

    THANK YOU!!!
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    Screen protection, if you really feel you need one many retail stores sell universal ones for laptops. I personally work at OfficeMax and I know we sell them.

    Cleaning for your Mac, everyone shuns me for it but I just use good old fashioned Windex. Just spray it on the paper towel first, not the actual laptop, and wipe away.

    As for the hard case I don't use one and have no experience with them, but I am sure someone else will have a suggestion for you.

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