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Thread: Mac Survey

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    A computer lets you make more mistakes faster than any invention in human history - with the possible exceptions of handguns and tequila.
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    Done, I would the windows questions somewhat vague and biased, for example "does windows live up to your expectations of good computing" is so nebulous as to be useless as no two peoples definition are the same. Perhaps change it to something like were you satisfied with your windows experience or something similar

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    Done my friend. I wish you luck with your project.
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    Once again, I thank everyone for your help. I will try to post the results as soon as we collect enough data, and analyze our findings

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    Though I took the survey I would like to suggest that in future surveys, it would be prudent to get "true" results if you omitted questions leaders. A few of your survey questions begin with phrases like "Although Macs are priced slightly above the market average for a computer...", the surveyor has included many of these leader type questions.

    In a traditional survey produced by a statistician questions that are led like that would be subject to a response bias. The question includes the surveyors opinion and leads the person being surveyed into a decisions they would not normally choose if they didn't take the surveyors opinion into consideration.

    Just a suggestion. My classmates were severely marked down for these sort of questions in my last statistics exam, and I think that it's important to know that leaders can skew the resultant data of the survey.

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