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    Design Research
    My name is Ryan, I am currently studying Industrial Design at Western Washington University. I just started a new project that focuses on the difficulties surrounding technology that you take when you travel for business. The goal is to use any of the info I receive to eventually design a prototype for a product that will be a solution to these difficulties. To obtain some good research I need to get some insights into this problem from real road warriors.

    I would be very grateful if you could answer any of my questions; if you would be willing to help me further please could you give me an email to <removed to protect against spammers> or leave your email on this forum so I can contact you with further questions.

    Thank you very much for your time


    Some questions may not apply to you feel free to skip any questions.

    1.What company do you work for and what is your job role?
    2.What do you use your laptop for besides work?
    3.Do you have any health concerns when using laptops or other tech goods for long periods of time?

    1. How often do you travel for work?
    2. What is the most common form of transport that you use?
    3. Do you travel alone? If not who with
    4. On an average business trip what belongings do you take with you?
    5. How do you carry your belongings?
    6. What kind of cords do you carry (power, internet, etc…)?

    Hotels/ staying overnight
    6. Do you ever have to stay overnight in a different part of the country for work?
    7. What kind of places do you stay at?
    8. Do you use any hotel facilities?
    9. Do you ever have to travel throughout the night for work?
    Being in a different place
    11. What difficulties/ concerns do you have when being in a different part of the country?
    12. How do you find your way around?
    13. Do you go out to bars, restaurants for example?

    Family life
    14. Do you have children?
    15. How do you balance travelling and working away from home?
    16. What are the main difficulties you have when travelling for work?
    17. What are your biggest concerns when travelling for work?
    18. Do you ever work at home?

    Your basic day
    19. Just describe what you go through and what you do in your average day step by step. This could be how you wake up to how you set up your laptop after work.

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    I removed your email addy, as you're just begging to get put on every spammer's gold list that way.

    I'd suggest you take responses right here in this thread.
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    1.I am a middle schooler.
    2.My photography.
    3. My eyes have been acting weird lately.

    1. Never, but I go with my dad every 6 months or so on a business trip.
    2. Choo-Choo
    3. No, with my dad.
    4. My watch, camera (s)
    5. Suitcase
    6. Power, for my laptop, and iPod charger.

    Hotels/ staying overnight
    6. Occasionally, with my dad.
    7. Nice hotels/ resorts.
    8. Never, maybe the occasional free breakfast though.
    9. Nope.
    11. Being mugged.
    12. Maps.
    13. Yep, usually nice places.

    Family life
    14. No.

    Your basic day
    19. I wake up, have breakfast, go to school, come home, use the computer for a little while, do my homework, eat dinner, loiter around my home, then sleep at nine o clock.
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