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    Help me decide what mainstay laptop to get
    Yes yes that's right I said a MAINSTAY laptop...Meaning I want it at least for a month or two. I have $350 to spend and I'm heavily leaning towards getting another 1GHz TiBook because it's seemingly perfect for me right now

    I guess I was too tired to figure out how to make the poll thingy work....
    I love the 15" screens so I'd be enraged if I was stuck with an iBook with a 12" screen...blah no way.
    But seriously, I'm open to all suggestions.
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    You're kidding, right? How many "help me decide" threads have you had in this forum now?
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    Quote Originally Posted by cwa107 View Post
    You're kidding, right? How many "help me decide" threads have you had in this forum now?

    My handle is BlueMac.
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    i thought you loved the macbook you had, or one of them anyway.
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    Sell all your cruddy broken laptops and just get one that works.

    The amount of time you spend tinkering with dying machines seems to be more hassle than its worth!
    Personally I'd stay away from TiBooks: They were beautiful machines, but known for issues with display connectors and hinges - and your experiences would seem to confirm that.

    Get a nice 13" Macbook: Unlike the iBook (1024x768), the Macbook's 1280x800 screen resolution is higher than that of the tiBook (1152x768), so you'll actually be able to fit more on the screen. Plus they're intel, so they'll be able to run new apps and OS's for quite a while...

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    Look back at the 3rd or 4th thread you made asking for suggestions. There was some pretty good responses there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cwa107 View Post
    You're kidding, right? How many "help me decide" threads have you had in this forum now?
    I think not.
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