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hchcnimey 10-30-2008 12:22 AM

Powerbook G4 12" Memorium
I have longed wondered why Apple has drifted away from one of there greatest creation of laptop/"book" so far. I do understand the progression of moving forward in screen size but just the idea of the 12" iBook/Powerbook was far ahead of its, "ultra-compact portable" siblings time.

If you miss the 12" iBook/Powerbook Family say "i"

xj6jaguar1985 10-30-2008 12:28 AM

MacBook makes me not say "i" ;D

hchcnimey 10-30-2008 12:30 AM

Understood, but I was and am a fan from where they came from.
Of course I am typing this on a MacBook Air but hey I miss em'

Audio.Trench 10-30-2008 12:51 AM

I've never had a 12" .. i didn't have a 14" iBook, but I can honestly say that the 15" widescreen on my Powerbook is great.. However, I do need a 17" or larger notebook.

hchcnimey 10-30-2008 01:21 AM

I think 17" MBP's are great desktops on the go! If you ever have the chance to get yourself a 1.5ghz Powerbook G4 12" you will see what I mean. Obviously not a desktop replacement but its great on the go and the footprint is the smallest among any portable Mac to date..

ADKhikerVW 10-30-2008 02:13 AM

I still use mine every day, and I love it. I'm planning on squeezing every last drop of life out of it. Still does everything I need a notebook to do, and more. The only reason I would replace it is if PPC indeed was to become unsupported, not only by Apple but by third party software. Unfortunately that is what we are moving towards with Snow Leopard, but as long as it stays useful to me I will keep it around.

December 10-30-2008 12:24 PM

I use my 12" iBook G4 as my main computer everyday. Sure, my mini is faster and all that other junk, but it just can't beat the joys of using such a wonderful machine.

I too will continue to use this thing until it kicks the bucket, and I wouldn't have it any other way. :)

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