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fleurya 10-26-2008 02:52 PM

Noise isolating ear buds vs. noise-canceling headphones: opinions?
I do a lot of flying for my job and get headaches from noisy flights and playing my music loud to overpower it. So recently I got the Bose Quietcomfort 3 headphones. They probably cut the noise from the plane in half, but definitely don't cut it completely.

I've seen some ads for noise-isolating earphones and think they might do a better job. Anyone have experience with these products? If you've used noise-isolating earbuds on a plane, how did they do?


Dysfunction 10-26-2008 03:14 PM

I've used my etymotic's on airplanes on more than one flight. Then again, I use them in the lab too..10+ hours a day at times with a lab full of mainframes and midrange rack systems, with storage and tape robots etc and I've had people yell at me behind my back and I never heard them. I also use them when I use the string trimmer (gas) in the yard. They block out so much of the background noise that it's extremely comfortable to listen to music at reasonable volumes... more important (to me) is that they're reference level drivers, so not only is it quieter it's a great sound as well.

about the only thing I DON'T like them for is hiking, walking, or anything where I need to be situationally aware.

juggling 10-26-2008 04:07 PM

This is all that comes to mind

Dysfunction 10-26-2008 04:10 PM


Originally Posted by juggling (Post 746725)
This is all that comes to mind

Isn't that what he's got? Well, cept in an full around ear design ;)

jah 10-26-2008 09:23 PM

there is significant noise conducted through your body. there is limits on what you can block out.

i would recommend a set of custom fit ear buds fit at a doctors office or a company that does that type of thing. request to have sound drivers put in them. even mediocre drivers will sound better than expected. its not as expensive as you might think. i have 2 pairs, the one made of very soft plastic has lasted the longest. people have to shake me to get my attention even in a noisy environment and they dont fall out at the gym.

use caution the first few weeks of use, an ear infection is possible unless you keep things clean.

fleurya 10-29-2008 04:23 PM

I didn't want the QC2 because they're just too big, but I'm sure they do a better job. The thing I like about the noise canceling is that while the "white noise" is blocked other soundsl ike people talking is still perfectly audible.

But overall I think I'd rather have more quiet, so I'm going to sell the Bose and get some isolating earbuds if they work nearly as well as people say.

wsaund002 10-29-2008 05:28 PM

I have the ear buds and they work great...When something is playing thru them. Never tried the Headphones

kylen721 10-29-2008 06:21 PM

a pair of properly fitting earbuds should cancel out more sound then over the ear phones. If your ear canal is fully blocked already it shouldn't take much to isolate outside sounds.

I have shure e3's and they have really great sound quality and keep outside noise out very well.

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