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    applying to work at mac reseller
    im considering applying to work at the mac reseller thats just opened near me and i was wondering what are the basic things i should know eg: specs and software.

    ive got 2 macs myself so im not a complete dud haha

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    Am I allowed to ask which store?

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    Quote Originally Posted by scheris View Post
    Am I allowed to ask which store?
    its called 'computer now' in doncaster

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    I haven't such experience.... So better do small search for reviews. I believe you will be able to get few interesting facts of that.
    Good luck
    In Google we trust!
    Working on and hope for your help

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    I'd treat it as per an Apple store interview. Know a lot about Macs, which you obviously do. A little windows knowledge helps heaps too. But just find out what to wear there as Apple store interviews are much more casual than for other companies.

    And to answer your software question. Have a lookie in the store and see what software they are flogging. And learn up on that general area of software and you'll be ok.

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    Learn Apple's own primary sales pitches, practise selling a Mac to a Windows user you know and read up on the differences between the consumer products.

    I worked for an Apple retailer for 3 years and the interview was a cinch to be honest. I basically had to explain to a "dummy" how the iPod works and try to come up with a few arguments why a "Windows user" should get a Mac.

    More important than knowing all the specs is to appear "likeable" or "friendly": Most sales are about hitting it off with the customer and finding the right solution for their needs. The first part is up to you, the second part is easy when you're selling Apple products.

    Apple - Get a Mac - Why you'll love a Mac
    Apple - Get a Mac - Which Mac are you?
    Apple - Get a Mac - FAQ

    And if you get a chance, do a little research: Pop into the shop, see what the employees wear, how they interact with each other and customers and what products they're selling. Not saying you need to mimic them exactly, but it can't hurt to know what they're looking for.

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    Great Advice Aptmunich.

    As for learning about specs and the Mac's them selves, Go to the Apple Website and look at all the Computers that they off. If you choose buy now, you will see all the different configurations that are available also. Just lurk into the store and pay attention to how the other salesman are carrying about their business. To be honest with you, I think that I could tell you just about every product that apple has and all the configs. that they are available in. But.... Im not old enough to get hired yet..
    Just peep the website and you will learn quite a bit of stuff.
    Hope this helps.
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