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    i deleted safari and now it it wont let me install it

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    Because that's an update and you don't have a version to update? Try using Pacifist to install from your install dvd.
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    I also encountered this problem... I deleted my original safari icon and cannot get it back the normal way (delete/copy/replace etc.). I wanted to download a new safari and the same message appeared. I am on 10.5.5 and it stated my leopard is operating 10.5.2????

    How do I replace my safari 4 developer, with a original safari, without getting this strange message?

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    If you are running Safari 4 Developer from Apples Developer site it comes with an Uninstaller that will put it back to the old Safari for you. I have never done it as I love Safari 4 Developer but they say it works. Check the DMG of Safari 4.

    I just checked and in the Safari 4 DMG is a Install and uninstall package file.

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    Shouldn't this be in the Software sub-forum?

    Anyway, I have no advice on the matter. Sorry. Hope you get it worked out, though!

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