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Thread: flog the dead

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    flog the dead
    i know this is an apple forum and i appreciate everyone's opinion, i am sort of generating a new one 4myself:

    -the ipod is overly difficult to use, for what it does
    -the iphone well even tho its consistently better than expected its not.

    here it is... (slashdot):
    Slashdot | Steve Wozniak Predicts Death of the IPod

    last few months i walk into an apple store and it generates less and less excitement, i see the same things there over and over. the stores in my area have stopped dusting (general house keeping) and things look dingy too.

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    A good idea to flog the dead you know, they can't feel the pain. Well they're dead.

    And yeah I agree with you the euphoria eventually will die down, but do the stores still get the sales months and even years after opening?

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