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    Free Ipod
    I ordered a new 16gb black nano on Amazon about a week ago and it will be here tomorrow, and funny thing, they never charged me for it. I checked my account and nothing. Hows that for luck More than likely they will find their error, but for now I feel awesome. Anyone else had this happen?
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    Don't get too happy, that charge may just not have been processed on their side. No way a company is going to send you something for free

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    Apple never charges my account till after i get the item.

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    Yeah, that's most likely the case. They will charge you after you get the item. Other wise the orders haven't been processed yet.

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    The bigger question is what if it doesn't show up. Are you going to inform them of their mistake or by saying nothing be a thief.
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    I ordered the Highlander Immortal Edition from Amazon UK, not only did they never charge my card for the purchase, but after the tin was damaged in the post they sent me out a replacement and never bothered pestering me for the damaged one back.

    Also had fail to charge my card for items, never anything as expensive as an iPod though.

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    yea I recon they'l just be a bit late with charging your card. Your lucky if you do get it for free tho.
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