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master7000 10-10-2008 11:41 PM

does Star Wars Empire At War work on my machine?
I have a eMac 10.4.11 I have 768 MB my Processor is 1.25 GHz PowerPC G4. I'll post more info on my comp later but I have to go to bed now.:Sleeping:

P.S. I'm asking because I downloaded the demo(from onto my computer and it said when I tried to start up the game that it didn't run on my system

Audio.Trench 10-10-2008 11:58 PM

According to the requirements, it's coded for Intel-based Macs, not PowerPC.

System Requirements

* Mac OS X 10.4.8 or later
* 1.83Hz Intel processor (2GHz recommended)
* 512MB of RAM (1GB recommended)
* 64MB video RAM (256MB recommended)
* 3.5GB hard disk space; DVD drive
* Internet multiplayer requires broadband connection

master7000 10-11-2008 09:18 AM

Ok so it wont work? can i bring my computer to the store and change that or do i need a new computer

Audio.Trench 10-11-2008 12:47 PM

Unfortunately, it won't run on PPC architecture.. It's mean for Intel-only.

The only way to fix this is to buy a newer Mac. It sucks, I know, I'm in the same boat. :(

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