So I have a LG LCD monitor. Heres My Setup

Macbook<<<<<<<(A) [Monitor Switch Box] (B)>>>>>>>>Compaq Desktop

Obviously the switch box is connected to the monitor. Here's where my problem occurs.

When I run dual screen on my Mac I have no problem what-so-ever. It's works flawlessly.

So Now I flip the switch to the B side for the Windows computer and when I first instaleld the switch box it worked, wasn't as clear as the mac but thats not the point. Now when I boot up the monitor goes into "Analog Power Saving Mode"

This is not a problem with the hardware, it could be a software issue, but I dont know why it would work now all of a sudden stop working. Any ideas on how to fix the problem I believe from all my troubleshooting that it's a settings issue.

This is one more reason why windows sucks. The mac configured this monitor right away and it makes it so easy. Obviously windows would douche on the monitor just to create some more problems.