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    Microsoft's Really Hidden Files
    I found this to be really really interesting. For all those PC users out there.. this is one of the many reasons why us Mac users try hard not to use Microsoft products.

    Scroll down to view the entry. There are folders on your computer that Microsoft has tried hard to keep secret. Within these folders you will find two major things: Microsoft Internet Explorer has not been clearing your browsing history after you have instructed it to do so, and Microsoft's Outlook Express has not been deleting your e-mail correspondence after you've erased them from your Deleted Items bin. And believe me, that's not even the half of it. When I say these files are hidden well, I really mean it. If you don't have any knowledge of DOS then don't plan on finding these files on your own. I say this because these files/folders won't be displayed in Windows Explorer at all -- only DOS. (Even after you have enabled Windows Explorer to "show all files.") And to top it off, the only way to find them in DOS is if you knew the exact location of them. Basically, what I'm saying is if you didn't know the files existed then the chances of you running across them is slim to slimmer.

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    Every now and then, switchers hear about things like these, and it's like finding out that your X was giving you the date rape drug and doing anything they pleased. Just creeps the hell outa you. And to think, I used that OS for 5 years!

    From the links below that article, the one on FindFast is also interesting.

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