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    When do new movies become available to rent on iTunes??
    I do a lot of cross-continental flying and like distracting myself from the flight with entertainment like a movie. iTunes rentals are great because my MBP can actually make it through a movie without dying from the DVD drive running. The problem is most of the new movies I want to rent are only available to buy, and there's no way in earth I'm buying a movie that's so limited as to where/how I can watch it.

    So what is the deal? Is there a certain number of days or weeks before Apple will make movies available for rent or are these movies never going to be available for rent? I thought I heard somewhere a long time ago Apple would make them open for rent as soon as regular rental stores do.
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    I think they are within the same week, or a week after they are released on DVD. I am not 100% sure though.

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